Earth Knuckles

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Earth Knuckles
Earth Knuckles.png
Pummel foes with gigantic earth fists!
Element Earth Earth.png
Type Basic
Subtypes Melee
Damage 16, 18, 20
Hit Count ?
Cooldown 0
Knockback 14
Cost 10 Chaos gem.png
100 Gold.png
Pool 1
Becomes a single hit arcana with an even bigger fist!
Cost 125 Gold.png

Earth Knuckles is a Basic Earth Arcana in Wizard of Legend

Description[edit | edit source]

Conjures huge fists out of stone, and punches in the direction of the cursor.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

This Basic Arcana has a large hit-box and carries the player farther than most basics. Works very well with spells that push the enemy away from the player.

Spell combos[edit | edit source]

  • Fuelled Berserk - Allows for quicker attack sequence devastating your enemies! Use with Awe outfit for increased critical chance and damage to deal up to 50+ damage on each third strike with the enhanced arcana.
  • Ward of Stones

Item combos[edit | edit source]

Additional notes[edit | edit source]