Flame Cleaver

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Flame Cleaver
Flame Cleaver.png
Carve out a wave of flames that ignites all enemies in its path!
Element Fire Fire.png
Type Signature
Subtypes Projectile
Damage 14
Hit Count ?
Cooldown 4
Knockback 12
Cost 27 Chaos gem.png
175 Gold.png
Pool 5
Cleave with both hands to create a wider wave that travels further!
Cost 200 Gold.png

Flame Cleaver is a Signature Fire Arcana in Wizard of Legend

Description[edit | edit source]

Hurl a wave of fire. Two waves can be thrown separately. Those waves will set enemies on fire and destroy any kind of destructible projectile in their path.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

  • That arcana is best used as a way to clean the screen from dangerous enemy projectiles while attacking at the same time.
  • Waves can be thrown in quick succession by holding the arcana's button.

Spell combos[edit | edit source]

Ward of Flames

Item combos[edit | edit source]

Ring of Reserves

Additional notes[edit | edit source]

Flame Cleaver has a guaranteed burn on use with a status level of 1. This is upgraded to level 3 when fully charged