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Flame Empress Zeal is a member of the Council of Magic and one of the bosses in Wizard of Legend. She represents the Fire element.

Attacks[edit | edit source]

Attack names are unofficial and are used for purposes of reference

Dragon Rush - Briefly creates a tell line, then dashes across the length of the battlefield in that line, generating a trail of 20 flaming dragons, similar to those of Dragon Arc, in her wake.

Flying Flame Feet - Bounds towards the player's location with a series of 3 flaming kicks that deal heavy damage and can knock the player back.

Blazing Crash - Leaps into the air towards the player's location, slamming her leg into the earth as she lands which causes a large AOE eruption.

Fire Blast - Launches 8 small fireballs towards the player's location in quick succession.

Flame Shuriken - Simultaneously throw 6 shurikens in a line formation towards the player's location. The shuriken track the player for a very brief moment after being launched before traveling straight.

Fire Mines - Creates several large marks on the ground, which explode after a delay.

Flare Blitz - Attempts to dash over the player, leaving a damaging trail of fire, then repeats twice more. Only appears when Zeal is the third boss.

Meteor Slam (Signature Spell) -- Zeal leaps into the center of the arena, causing 5 seconds of meteors to crash towards the ground randomly doing large AOE damage, similar to Crashing Meteor.

The council members use three of the above attacks when they are the first council member. Each council member adds one more attack before their dance. So the second uses four, the third uses five, and Master Sura uses six attacks.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

Since she is a Fire-enemy, use Water Arcana against her for more damage. Fire and Air Arcana will have reduced effect.

Almost all of Zeal's attacks are melee, so keep your distance until she finishes her attack sequence -- three attacks for the first boss, four for the second, and five for the third.

Don't panic during Meteor Slam! If you dash around blindly you'll get clobbered. Move around the arena to keep your sprint speed boost going, and just walk out of the targeting reticles as they appear.

Fire Mines and Flame Shuriken are both slow enough that they last into the middle of Zeal's next attack. Both moves reduce your available dodge area considerably, so take care.

If Zeal is the third boss, watch out for Flare Blitz. The windup for it looks very similar to her blazing crash and flame kicks, but this attack is much faster and has excellent tracking.

During her down phase, she will make a "Hee heeh, huuh huuph" sound, useful as an audio cue if you lost count of her attacks.

Additional notes[edit | edit source]

  • It's been speculated that Joy, an npc standing near the museum portal during the end scene, is actually Zeal in Disguise, based on her hair color and dialogue, and that the two NPCs next to her share similar resemblances to Atlas and Freiya.
  • Zeal's name, even though it doesn't correspond directly to a mythological deity, can be connected to the origin of the word "zeal" - thee lesser deity Zelos, from Greek mythology, who personifies eager rivalry, dedication and zeal. That makes Zeal the only council member whose name is not directly borrowed from a deity.