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Lightning Maven Juno and Thunder Ace Suman are twin members of the Council of Magic and the only dual boss. They represent the lightning element.

Attacks[edit | edit source]

Attack names are unofficial and are used for purposes of reference

Lightning Strikes - Suman will throw down metallic insignia plates while Juno will leap in the air and fire lightning spears akin to the Bouncing Surge towards them.

Static Dash - Suman will bat 7 metallic balls in quick succession towards the player and Juno will quickly dash towards them leaving behind a trail of electricity.

Thunder Cage - Suman will release metallic balls in a square pattern then Juno will connect a lightning string with the balls, creating a static electric cage.

Shock Nova - Suman summons five metallic balls at the player's location. Juno will hop and strike at the centre of the orbs, creating star-shaped Shock Nova in the wake.

Thunder Drum - Juno jumps atop a metallic drum summoned by Suman and beats on it 6 times. Each beat releases a series of lightning strikes that goes towards the player, identical to Thundering Chain. They will remain static during this attack, resting at the top of the arena.

Electric Fans - Suman and Juno will sit together in the middle and summon up three fan-shaped Zoner-like enemies that will roam around the arena dealing contact damage. Only used as Boss 2 or above.

Arc Orbit - Suman transforms himself into a metallic pillar in the centre of the arena while Juno rushes around the outside of the arena in either a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction completing two full rotations. An arc of electricity links Juno to the centre pillar. Only used as Boss 3.

Rolling Thunder (Signature) - Suman summons an electric cage around the arena then spins with a metal hammer, throwing metallic orbs at random points in the arena, while emitting bursts of electricity. Juno will constantly dash between the orbs in a straight line, leaving a lightning connected between the starting and landing points. A faint line of white particles indicates where Juno will dash.

The council members use three of the above attacks when they are the first council member. Each council member adds one more attack before their dance. So the second uses four, the third uses five and Master Sura uses six attacks.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

  • Since they are Lightning-enemies, use Earth Arcana against them for more damage. Lightning and Water Arcana will have reduced effect.
  • After 3/4/5 attacks on levels 1/2/3 respectively, The Twins will stop and high-five each other. This is an opening to attack them, as they will not attack during this phase.
  • Almost all of their attacks inflict Shock preventing you from moving and allowing them to chain together multiple attacks which can inflict heavy damage.
  • Their Lightning Strikes, Static dash and Thunder Drum attacks will be performed faster at higher boss tiers.
  • Don't move erratically during their signature. Pay attention to the white particles and move to a clear area to avoid getting hit.
  • Their attacks are very fast and hits very quickly like most Lightning arcana. Instead try to tread carefully through the arena and only attack when there is an opening, pay attention to their attacks and try to fit in the right spacing during the cage spell and their signature ability.
  • The fans summoned by them have low health and can be easily destroyed by most arcana.
  • Arcana such as Evading Zephyr can be a lifesaver during their Signature spell.

Additional notes[edit | edit source]

  • It's been speculated that Jin and Julia, two NPCs standing near the museum portal during the end scene, are actually Suman and Juno in Disguise, based on their hair color and dialogue, and that the NPC next to them shares a similar resemblance to Shuu.
  • Juno and Suman were added in the Thundering Keep Update.
  • The Twins' Shock Nova attack was previously only used by Master Sura before the Thundering Keep Update. It as been slightly modified to fit with Juno and Suman's attack style.
  • Suman's name is derived from Summanus, the Roman god of nocturnal thunder. This also explains the Thundering Keep's nighttime setting.
  • Juno's name is that of the Roman god Juno.