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Master Sura is head of the Council of Magic and the final boss in Wizard of Legend. He mainly represents the Chaos element, but uses Arcana from other elements as well.

Attacks[edit | edit source]

First Phase

Chaotic Buster, Distortion Beam, Mortal Coil, Null Flash Agent Null Parade

Second Phase

Mortal Coil, Null Parade, Distortion Beam, Null Flash Agent, Chaotic Buster, Shock Nova, Flame Breath, Frost Fan, Dragon Dive, Wind Slash, Gust Volley, Laced Lightning, Aqua Beam

Strategies[edit | edit source]

  • The fight consists of two phases. During the first phase Sura is stationary in the center of the stage, surrounded by a Chaos barrier. Deal enough damage to the barrier to shatter it, exposing Master Sura momentarily before the barrier regenerates again. The only way to defeat Master Sura's first phase is to attack him while he's out of the barrier.
  • During the second phase you fight a highly mobile Master Sura who uses boss attacks and player accessible arcanas alike. Focus on dodging his elemental spells and attack from afar.
  • During each of his attack waves, Sura will use one spell from each element—it's not always the same spell, but seems to be fond of Frost Fan, Flame Breath, Shock Nova, Wind Slash, and Dragon Dive. Sura will then cast one of his Signature Chaos Arcana, after which he will stop glowing and be briefly vulnerable to being stunned. During this time, he will dash away from the player exactly twice before regaining his powers and returning to the attack.
  • Sura's Null Flash Agent creates black orbs that periodically pulse damage zones at you. These orbs can and should be destroyed, as dodging Sura's onslaught is a challenge enough without a dozen little creatures breathing down your neck.
  • While in second phase his attack pattern consists of 4 standard arcana attacks followed by one attack taken from a Council Member.

Additional notes[edit | edit source]

  • After he's finished attacking and you can damage him he stands in place for about 1–3 seconds before dashing to another spot to stand again, you have about 6 seconds to attack him before he resumes his phase 2 attacks.
  • Prior to the Sky Palace Update Sura's Gust Volley attack was a close range attack similar to the signature of Spiraling Typhoon. This was changed to mirror one of Shuu's attacks.
  • Sura's name may be derived from the supernatural godly creatures from Hinduism, Devas, who are also referred to as Asuras.