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Razor Petals

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Razor Petals
Razor Petals.png
Throws out a flower that spins in place before returning to you!
Element Earth Earth.png
Type Standard
Subtypes Projectile
Damage 8, 4, 8
Hit Count 7
Cooldown 4.7s
Knockback ?
Cost 26 Chaos gem.png
 ? Gold.png
Adds an additional charge!

Razor Petals is a Standard Earth Arcana in Wizard of Legend

Description[edit | edit source]

Throw out a flower that deals 8 damage, the flower then stops and spins 5 times dealing 4 damage per spin. It then returns to you dealing 8 damage and pulling enemies toward you.

This arcana passively builds up charges over time to a maximum of 2 (3 if enhanced), each cast uses one charge.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

The flower will always be thrown a set distance making it unable to hit enemies point blank at you. Back away from enemies before casting to inflict maximum damage.

Spell combos[edit | edit source]

Item combos[edit | edit source]

  • Ring of Reserves adds and 1 additional charge taking the total up to 3 (4 if enhanced)

Additional notes[edit | edit source]