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Twin Turbines

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Twin Turbines
Twin Turbines.png
Throw out a rapidly revolving turbine that splits and creates streams of lightning while returning to you!
Element Lightning Lightning.png
Type Standard
Subtypes Projectile
Damage 25, 10, 2
Hit Count 11 (streams)
Cooldown 4.5s
Knockback ?
Cost ? Chaos gem.png
 ? Gold.png
Lightning streams deal more damage and are released more frequently!
Damage 25, 10, 2
Hit Count 13 (streams)

Twin Turbines is a Standard Lightning Arcana in Wizard of Legend

Description[edit | edit source]

Throw out a spinning turbine in front of you which deals 25 damage. After a set distance the turbine will split into 2 smaller turbines which each deal 10 damage and return to you in a in an arc. Streams of lightning connect the paths of the turbines dealing 11 hits (13 if enhanced) of 2 damage.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

The path of the turbines can be manipulated by moving after casting which can improve effectiveness. Moving away from the turbines increases the area covered by the lightning streams. Dashing back and forth allows for the lightning streams to be more tightly packed, allowing for more damage to be done to a single target.

Throwing the turbines through a group of enemies causes streams to be created directly on top of them, completely immobilising them for several seconds.

Spell combos[edit | edit source]

Item combos[edit | edit source]

Additional notes[edit | edit source]